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In-Trial Support
When your team needs on-site presentation support, Art of Facts is ready to help. We don’t stop at preparing a database of your files or producing your demonstrative exhibits. We move in, if necessary. We bring a sense of calm in the storm by providing resources when your team needs them most. We offer equipment rental, technical consultation, war-room setup, courtroom set-up and on-site operation of Trial Director® and Sanction®. We are consultants who love to get our hands dirty. We use our experience to think ahead and deal with problems before they arise.

Trial Director and Sanction
We make the most of leading-edge litigation presentation packages that effectively present interactive data. The Art of Facts team has extensive experience preparing presentations with both Trial Director® and Sanction® in some intense trial settings. We populate a live, instantly available database with your documents and video clips of witness testimony. We display video designations with scrolling transcript text. Exhibits are called to the screen to be enlarged, highlighted and annotated on the fly.

William Andrews - Andrews Myers Coulter and Hayes, P.C.Bill Andrews

"There is no other group I would use in assisting me in the presentation of complex construction and engineering claims before panels of construction arbitrators. I am greatly impressed by Art of Facts' ability to manage literally hundreds of hearing exhibits and skillfully present them to a panel of arbitrators. Your work is first rate, efficient and the best I have ever seen.

In addition, your creative assistance in working with me in developing effective demonstrative exhibits addressing highly technical engineering or construction issues is an integral part of my pre-hearing effort. Your firm will always be the firm I use and rely on in the major cases I arbitrate."

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