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Presentation Strategy
We know that your trial or presentations matter - to you, and to your clients. The stakes are high. Your informational needs, goals and deadlines will determine how we question, answer and act in support of your legal strategy. Is your case going to trial soon? Is it a mock trial? Or a means of facilitating settlement? Do we need to think or go "outside the box" to collect and create demonstrative evidence that amplifies the themes of your case? Need a true-to-life model? Need a 3D animation? Whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, we've got you covered. And we've been there for some of the biggest cases around. Count on us to know what to ask, recommend, and deliver when your case is on the line.

Jim Moriarty - Moriarty Leyendecker ErbenJim Moriarty

"Our firm has relied on Stacey Manela for 15 years in legal matters large and small, all of them important to our clients. The Art of Facts team's big-case experience is unrivaled. They absolutely understand the critical importance of information design in litigation. We rely on their work. Our opponents respect their work. And juries appreciate their work."

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Presentation Strategy

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